Welcome to PT Avenue!

Unlock the hidden potential of your Parent-Teacher organization with PT Avenue! PT Avenue provides school organizations such as PTAs and PTSAs with user-friendly tools to help make the most of your time and resources. Everyone in your organization moves in the same direction with powerful web-based communication, financial, organizational and membership applications.


Imagine connecting with volunteers, scheduling meetings, managing budgets and organizing your membership from any computer anywhere at any time. It's not a dream with PT Avenue!

PT Avenue provides school organizations such as PTAs, PTOs, PTSAs, etc. with user-friendly tools to help make the most of your time and resources. It's ready to work whenever and wherever you are. From any computer or mobile device with Internet access (PC or Mac), you can log on to our secure online system.


PT Avenue is proud to be chosen as the preferred software provider for the Texas PTA for Membership Tracking and Financial Management



 Member self-update is available
 You now have the ability to allow your membership to access and update their own family contact information, if/when you want them to be able to do this. In the PROFILE > PROFILE screen of the Head Person on your PT Account, there is an "Allow Members To Update Personal Info? Yes / No" control button. Setting this to YES activates a "My Family" button on the MEMBER side of your account. If "NO," the button does not show. When someone on the Member side clicks this "My Family" button, they will be asked for their email address and a password. If they do not have a password, they must request one, using their name and contact info. Successfully logging in with the password takes them to their family's info screens, where they can update things! You can choose to have this available to your members year-round, or only during certain times of the year, whichever works best for your organization.

 FREE Text Messaging is up
 You can now send an email to a recipent's phone as a text message, AT NO CHARGE. Simply add the member's cellphone and carrier information to their individual information profile, and they will show up as a texting option in your email sending address list. The system is defaulted to send to BOTH email and text recipients, but you can choose one or the other with a simple button click - to choose both, simply continue on to create your message! If a member wishes to opt-out of receiving text messages, simply remove their carrier information from their profile. This duplicate email and text communication capability is also part of the Calendar Event volunteer communication system -- emails sent to event volunteers through the calendar will also receive the message as a text, if they include their cellphone and carrier in their signup information. Remember, when sending mass emails, the text option IS AUTOMATICALLY SELECTED AS WELL, BY DEFAULT. Click to "Uncheck All Cellphones" to avoid sending a text message.


 Our 7th grade social was planned using PT Avenue, and now our teachers are sold on it. I will be the President this year - this also is great for storing all PTA files. No more losing files or chasing them down.because a parent does not pass it down!
 Angelique Burnside, President, TX

 We are very glad we found your system. We have been using the program for everything and find it is truly amazing and easy to use.
 Roby Hames, Treasurer, GA